The Logo. It is the most important and foundational piece of any marketing. All things start here.


Prince & Pierre

Prince & Pierre is a Haitian owned business with a masculine feel. It was important to incorporate aspects of strength and artistry into the logo while capturing it’s Caribbean vibe.



Bonjou boutique

Bonjou Boutique is an online fair-trade company specializing in high-quality fashion forward products. I worked closely with the married couple who founded the business to capture their creative spirit and savvy business mindedness.



Cedar & Cypress is a fair-trade fashion company working internationally with both a wholesale and direct to consumer market. The look is fashion forward, with a high-end vibe. .



Papillon had an out-dated, busy logo, that needed a creative upgrade. To maintain the look and feel I decided to keep the butterfly (Papillon in French) but simplify the details to make it current and relevant.



M-Powered is a branch of MOPS International that concentrates on encouraging and strengthening dads. The logo reflects the power behind the brand and emphasizes its force.


Hello darling

Hello Darling is a online blog by MOPS International. This logo reflects the demographic of the blog appealing to young, creative women. Using hand-drawn type provides and element of personalization.